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What is JTAS, Inc. (John Thibault Advocacy Solutions)?

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

My name is Jessica Fehrenbach. I am a Critical Care Paramedic certified in Applied Behavioral Analysis tutoring. I provide case management, care coordination, screening assessments, and consultative services in your home or doctors office. I function as your Medical Advocate and Concierge Planner for all of your routine, chronic, and acute medical needs.

I focus intensively on a personalized level of engagement. I offer comprehensive case management, care coordination, medication compliance monitoring, extended in-home assessments, non-medical transportation, unlimited consultative services, assistive care, basic assessment of Activities of Daily Living. My services include unlimited access to Patient Education resources which are current and evidence-based, to promote shared decision making based on patient preference.

I can gather and organize your complete medical history from adolescence to present, including document search and imaging requests with a signed Release of Information. I provide printed materials to promote awareness of the functions of Advance Directives, including connecting you with private and Government-sponsored resources to find an expert for Advance Directive preparation.

I subscribe to a clinical-level support service for physician-led consultative services and access to algorithm pathways which provide direction for Evidence-Based Clinical Decision Support. Offering individualized case management to curb unnecessary Specialist referrals and to expedite definitive care, thereby reducing treatment delays.


Jessica Fehrenbach, CM-CCEMTP

Senior Concierge Case Manager

Tertiary Data Analysis | Human Genomics

John Thibault Advocacy Solutions, Inc.

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