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Belleview Cohort Study Project & Gulf-War Veterans Neurodegeneration: A Meta-Analysis

Updated: Nov 9

It is the contention of John Thibault Advocacy Solutions, Inc. that a second generation of Gulf-War Veterans have been grievously injured due to the Toxic Environmental Exposures present since 1990-1991 Desert Storm Operations launched Nerve Agents and Class 1 Chemical Weapons >60,000 feet into the atmosphere of the Persian-Gulf and the Waters of the Red Sea. Moreover, our Meta-Analysis will examine critical findings of the latest era of 2011-2021 Gulf-War Era Veteran— who have largely been omitted from media coverage of the War in the Middle East for the past decade. To that end— I contend that our findings which include crucial examination and findings concerning the 2011-2021 period of the Gulf-War. There is scant information publicly available concerning the health outcomes or ongoing monitoring efforts of the latest generation of Gulf-War Veterans who have suffered in the region between 2011-2021, and yet the symptoms and disease manifestations with genomic damage and biochemical markers of exposure will be shared in our findings. How can this be after more than 20 years after Desert Storm? Is it possible that the evidence suggests policymakers revisit environmental exposure limits and safety margins? to began a “multi-system unexplained illness” colloquially referred to as “Gulf-War Illness” (GWI). It is my contention that this same ‘multi-system unexplained illness’ has become more severe with a shorter latency period —owing to the well-known Genetic Anticipation phenomenon.

The evidence of record establishes causation in terms of the Desert Storm cohort of Gulf War Veterans. Nerve Agent exposure has been identified as the cause of “Gulf War Illness”. Specifically relating to Sarin and Soman Nerve Gas and PON1/PON2 genotype susceptibility. A discussion of the myriad of mitigating factors and activating or inactivating or protective aspects of symptom Heterogeneity of Gulf-War Illness cannot be explained solely by acute or sub-acute service-connected Environmental Exposures any longer; but I digress— as these findings will be discussed in detail in our report in the immediate future.

Full disclosure— the aforementioned is hardly revelatory discovery on my part. Instead, you will find that the genotype-phenotype causation of Gulf-War Illness” is publicly available information spanning 31 years of research and population studies which were conducted by hundreds of investigators worldwide. Examining and understanding the 31 years of the aforementioned efforts was where the Meta-Analysis for this project began. The findings of chemical weapons toxicity due to acute and subacute exposures with other genetic and mitigating variables has not been challenged by the DoD since these latest findings pertaining to GWAS were published in May 2022— published by Dr. Robert Haley, M.D. after he extrapolated gene-environment-behavior data and conducted analysis of publications by The DoD, The VA, and the Private Sector. Therefore, the evidence of record already demonstrates more than 1:3 of Veterans that served from 1990-1991 in Desert Storm are presumed to be service-connected disabilities, as of the 1996 congressional mandate, as amended, 38 CFR § 3.31.


This Meta-Analysis conducted by JTAS, Inc. has demonstrated concerning pattern of further disease in the youngest cohort of Gulf-War veterans and our findings will illustrate the presence of an as-of-yet to be discussed continuing environmental exposure to chemical weapons and nerve agents by U.S. troops after more than 30 years since Desert Storm. What then, can be said for the Iraqi citizens and neighboring countries in the region which have been inescapably devastated by decades of wars? Put lightly, the findings of our research have implications for civilian application in terms of further research examining deficiencies in domestic environmental quality metrics in terms of “safety”. Quite simply, our findings serve to bring attention to the sacrifices of The Service Members who have endured a lifetime of suffering unto death lest they stand for another day which threatens the sanctity of American Soil.

Remarkably, even approaching the third decade since Desert Storm it was only the youngest cohort of Gulf-War veterans who may have a hand in finishing the fight to be heard. Perhaps now, this new tragedy can breathe new life into our Nation’s collective appreciation for “The Sins of the Father”— that is— considering more conservative rubrics for “health and safety” in lieu of profits-over-people. The larger picture is drawing on these concepts and helping the public drawn their own parallels. Put simply, what can be said for concern of the public health risk in demonstrated this Meta-Analysis following >31 years of misunderstood and misrepresented “Gulf-War Illness” environmental exposures correlates to domestically? is the personal mission of John and Jessica, Co-Founders of John Thibault Advocacy Solutions, Inc. to ‘Serve Those Who Serve’— which begins with publishing our findings in the immediate future. It is our hope that best management practices of U.S. domestic and foreign land assets, aircraft, and, naval vessels will consider our study’s findings and the larger implications.

Specifically, we urge the policymakers and leadership teams to exercise caution in favor of a more conservative bar for “health risk” moving forward—in terms of Genetic Anticipation— whilst conducting environmental site assessments for future endeavors. This is truly for the benefit of all Americans and certainly crucial if there will be future generations of Americans yet to come. Truly, our mission at JTAS, Inc. is to identify knowledge deficiencies and study harm reduction techniques to prevent the evolution of further novel mutation of new disease or harmful environmental exposures— both having an indirect effect on mitigating the Rare and Undiagnosed diseases facing civilian and Veteran patients today.

——-A note from Jessica:

The Secret to the Thibault Family's Longevity:
1.) Own Dogs, and
2.) Show Your Philanthrophic Side.

Hi there! First off, I want to genuinely thank you for your interest in our project. The Applied Science of our projects relate to Molecular Ecology and Human Genomics to inform our Meta-Analysis Analysis and conceptualization for Applied Clinical Research. As of November 2022, our Active projects include both the "Belleview Cohort Study" Project and our Meta-Analysis of the same name concerning Active Duty Military and Veterans who have served, or are serving, in the Persian-Gulf, their airspace, or surrounding waters from 1991 to date. Colloquially termed "Gulf-War Era Veterans", it is a miscarriage of justice that I have had the misfortune of learning myself secondhand as I've watched John's own story unfolding. The truth is the story was hardly over with the passing of Desert Storm: nothing could be furtherfrom the truth. And yet, much to my surprise neither Veterans or Active Duty members of the military-- let alone the genetal public seem to have the damndest idea there's any danger left. In light of overwhelming scientific evidence-- In good conscience, I cannot allow the falsenarrative of the American public's unconscious to remain unchallenged. I believe the implications of our Meta-Analysis demonstrates novel civilian applications derived from analyzing our smaller civilian cohort in conjunction with larger military cohorts using generally- accepted Military research pertaining to "Gulf War Illness".

I havr long held that not nearly enough of people have had the privilege of learning about the real John "Jack" Thibault and get his take on Advocacy Solutions. John's journey to unassuming hero of rare and undiagnosed diseases was a delicate journey Through his selflessness, his story Advocates for changing modifiable environmental exposures with Military and Civilian applications in mind. John Thibault is the youngest of 4 siblings. He was born in 1994 and raised in an affluent suburb in Grosse Pointe, Michigan.

He grew up in a two-parent household with an assortment of pets andplayed competitive hockey and lacrosse. John was humbled by the privileged upbringing he enjoyed and owes much to his family's successes. As a young adult, John felt called to find a way to "give back" to others after recognizing global inequality of many privileges of an advantaged upbringing.

At age 19, John Active Duty as a Marine. He was a Machine Gunner (0331), Infantry Battallion, Weapons Platoon. After serving honorably in the United States Marine Corps, John followed his siblings' footsteps and joined the third-genertion of employees in the Thibault Family business (Thibault Enterprises, Inc.) Since 1969, the Thibault family has owned a chain of retail boutiques with brick-and-mortar stores located throughout Southeast Michigan, and e-commerce available to ship worldwide.

John credits his emotional bond with Booker T. (His 4-year-old English Lab) with a love for dogs he's only ever known "as family". He credits his Grandfather with the love for the breed, which was an easy connection to make given Thibault Enterprises, Inc. has an excellent sponsorship of Leader Dogs for the Blind.

At just 28-years-young, John is a humble warrior and is regarded as a man of few words. John is the still, small voice that commands Advocacy only when and where it is Truly necessary. I strive to ensure his story serves to inspire Solutions in his honor.

I want to take this as an opportunity to publicly recognize Jack Thibault for being the personification of Warrior Spirit, in recognition of the unwavering courage and his spiritual resilience shown even in the face of grave danger. The brevity of his actions, in part, were recognized with the issuance of a Combat Action Ribbon (CAR), awarded to Cpl. John Thibault for his actions aboard a commissioned warship between October 9 to 15, 2016 at the Bab Al-Mandeb Strait, in the Waters of the Red Sea. This Award was issued to Cpl. John Thibault and his fellow Sailors and Marines in recognition of their exemplary conduct and courageous service under imminent risk to their life or limb in engaging an enemy of The United States of America.

John is a 100% P&T, Service-Connected Disabled Veteran “due solely” to evironmental exposures he sustained during combat operations in 2016 and 2017. He enlisted n 2014 as an “0331” Machine Gunner in the U.S. Marine Corps and served honorably for four years. He was awarded the Combat Action Ribbon (CAR) for his actions over six days in Ocatober 2016 on the Waters of the Red Sea in the Persian Gulf.

John Thibault under more than 6 days of direct enemy fire. I admire John for learning his story has humbled me and has deepened my own personal commitment to Serving Those Who Serve: Veterans, Members of the Armed Forces, and their dependents.

You know what inspired me to tell John's story folks? It's because it's never been properly told. I could not believe I had casually known John through social situations for nearly a year and he had never hinted at the brevity of who he was. Only until I'd offered to take an informal "closer look" at his VHA Medical Records and Service Treatment Records did it lead to his C-File and OMPF. I was an acquaintance with enough impartiality that as his condition deteriorated John entrusted me for my initial review given his respect for my own tenure as a Critical Care Paramedic. Before I learned of the entirety of what the record would tell for John Thibault, I'd only once asked prior about the overt "symptoms" I'm aware he displayed for as long as I'd met him in 2020. He quickly related they were to his 4 years of military service as a Machine Gunner which ended in 2018.

That's the extent of what I believe John "Jack" Thibault intended to be discussed. No matter how we'd known each other before-- as I'd eventually learn-- THIS was a BIG STORY. John was somebody who could keep a secret--- HIS OWN SECRET.

No bravado. No attaboys. No accolades.

Even I'm guilty. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't caught myself wondering at times:What must it be like up there for him? Up all 6 feet and 3 inches of John Thibault's proverbial moral high-ground? The man whose birthright meant his loyalty could not be bought, whose natural good looks meant he never needed to bother, and now evidently whose inner Ego just would not make an appearance. An intangible sense of incongruous clinical decision making permeated much of the subsequent interactions that would follow with specialist and tertiary care providers during John's Diagnostic Odyssey. Inasmuch as his demeanor was casual during his initial call ringing me for assistance when he fell downstairs at home late one afternoon was unnerving for us both: equally true is that Iatrogenic harms are an insidious and underrepresented pathway to harm, and one that I feared most for John early on. Invariably, preconceived notions would rip the proverbial rug out from underneath the from the both of us at each new appointment. The story we told was predictably followed with pejorative disapproval whose stench permeated overhead, with an undertone that rung undeniably different. I'd tried in angst to convince other providers that John went to see that they too should be equally as concerned about him as I was; but all of my attempts were made in vain. Nonetheless, I persisted for John's sake as I'd become equally fascinated and terrified about the entirety of things. After all, John was someone whose subjective weaknesses I couldn't find offhand; and equally baffling was the lack of empirical evidence for his objective weakness and evolution of symptoms.

All told: in John's case my Interest began with my existing knowledge of his personal baseline from casual friendship... but quickly grabbed my Attention while forming a General Impression was THE FIRST TIME I learned ANY of the details about John's tours: About his Combat Action Ribbon and other awards, injuries sustained in combat, Persian-Gulf environmental exposures, service-connected disabilities, his childhood and family medical history--- e.g. ANY OF THE STORYLINE--- it was from the Official Military Personnel Files and other records, but not until long after John was already out. John confirmed Questions if I asked them directly, but he was none too keen to overshare. the time I came into the picture semi-officially and later officially for John, he had features of acute and subacute neurologic signs and symptoms. It was a matter of necessity, simply because he needed help-- including getting a civilian second opinion, (i.e. ANYWHERE outside of the VHA), as to the inexplicable nature of his nervous system dysfunction.

In September 2021, John "Jack" Thibault declared his foremost mission and therefore the guiding principle of John Thibault Advocacy Solutions, Inc., is to identify knowledge deficiencies involving service-connected suicides of both Active Duty Military and Veterans.


Albeit, I am familiar with consensus of the fate of scientific dissent in light of ‘premature claims’. The historical recaption has been hypercritical of others who were seemingly ‘enlightened’ before social awareness followed. Irregardless, our lieu of our final report of findings I would ask that you stay tuned to review our report when it is complete.

The entire finished product of all aspects of our research will truly be the end of a labor of love in support of meaningful discovery to help underserved patient populations living with Rare and Undiagnosed diseases. After dozens of professionals that contributed either remotely using certified clinical reporting with CoC or and on-site collaboration. The end result being one Cohort Study, three case studies, and a meta-analysis establish a molecular, biochemical, and/or, clinical diagnosis to explain the patient’s symptoms in conjunction with Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence Pipelines; including Gestalt Matching Analysis and consultations with leading specialists in environmental health and multiomics (including Molecular Genetics, Medical Genetics, Rare Disease Research Collaborators of the public and private sectors, CLIA-Certified laboratory partners for data collection, processing, and study design.

In support of our Research of Rare and Undiagnosed Disease in applied Molecular Ecology collaboration has included

Forensic and Civil Engineers, Arborists, Mycologists, EGLE/MDEQ/ EPA/ASTDR TO-15 methodology and water testing for Herbicides and Pesticides, 24/7/365 air quality monitoring and data aggregation using air purification and sensing technology from Dyson TP09+Formaldehyde”, statisticians, Geologists, utility and drainage stakeholders to elucidate a pathway to understanding the disease pathogenesis of the hypothesized causative variant(s). Our conceptual depictions utilizing The KEGG pathway map. KEGG pathway map is a molecular interaction/reaction network diagram represented in terms of the KEGG Orthology (KO) groups, so that experimental evidence in specific organisms can be to other organisms through genomic information."

“John Thibault Advocacy Solutions, Inc.— Don’t Raise Your Voice, Improve Your Argument.”

Jessica R. Fehrenbach, CM-CCEMTP

O: (586) 676-8427

F: (586) 314-0707

Please, join John Thibault Advocacy Solutions, Inc. In a moment of silence in recognition of the sacrifices of Those Called To Serve. This moment of silence is in recognition of all POW, Missing or Killed-in-Action, Veterans, Active Duty servicemembers, Decorated Members of all U.S. Military branches, Military Dependents, Purple Heart and Medal of Honor Recipients, Silver Star Families, and Gold Star Families.

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